About me

About me

My name is Nigel and I was born in Wells-next-the Sea, North Norfolk, grew up and was educated in this beautiful part of England about 30 miles north of Norwich . Wells-next-the-Sea is located in the centre of an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) , so it comes as no surprise that I have developed a passion for landscape photography, although still very much an amateur.

I have been creating web sites since 2002.

You can view a selection of them HERE

Affordable web design

Why HoneyStore

Well, it's a bit of a long story but "The Honey Store", the building in which locally gathered honey was processed, had a second life as a self-catering holiday cottage, I created and managed the web site. I kept the domain name after the use had changed.

So I apologise if you arrived here looking for honey, however, if you need a self-catering holiday cottage - try Wagtails.



All the web sites I have produced are bespoke and have been hand coded with HTML and CSS.

I have a sound working knowledge of the main programming languages used to create dynamic web applications.

I am also well versed in the use of a wide range of software including Dreamweaver, Photoshop and other programs within Adobe Creative Suite..

Web site basics

Domain names

All locations on the internet have a unique IP address, like your home address so the postman can find you. IP addresses are made up of strings of numbers separated by full stops eg. - these would make remembering web addresses very difficult, much easier to remember "www.google.com" etc.. So when you purchase a domain name eg. "mynewwebsite.com", and someone types that address into a browser address bar it will be directed to where your web site is located so they can view your content.

Domain names need to be as short and as easy to remember as possible, just think of those that are most popular "ebay.com", "facebook.com" etc. and ideally should reflect your business name.



This is a folder on a remote web server that contain the files that make up your web site and make them available to anyone who enters you domain name into their browser.

There are a huge number of companies that provide a hosting service. The particular hosting package you will need for your web site depends on a number of factors such as if a database is required to drive the web ste, what scripting languages are used and the total expected size (Mb) that the web files will occupy.

If you are unsure of which package you may require, please speak to me first.


CMS stands for Content Management System, this is a piece of software that will allow the web site owner to update and edit content on their own web sites

They are either part of an overall package provided by your web hosting service (eg. SiteBuilder), or installed within your own hosting web space and utilising a database to store all your data, the most popular of these is Wordpress.

There are also Cloud based CMS which enable you to update/edit your web content via aremote web site.

If the changes you wish to make are few and far between then perhaps better to get your web designer to make those for you.