Web design

Web Design

HoneyStore Web design studio provides a professional web design and web development service for small to medium sized businesses, local organisations and charities.

Based in the town of Wells-next-the Sea at the heart of the North Norfolk coast, the HoneyStore Web design studio can provide a web presence as unique as you are.

Most of my clients are from Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire and some are holiday home owners that live further afield but visit Wells on a regular basis.

Responsive web design

Over the past few years the use of tablets and mobile phones to access the internet have increased enormously.

Having a mobile friendly version of your web site is now more important than ever. Responsive web design will automatically re-size the content to suit the screensize of the device being used.

However, it is also recognised that not every web site needs a mobile version, talking with me about your business and your target audience can help you make the right decision.

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Branding and Identity


Do you already have a brand identity, logo and livery associated with your business?

HoneyStore web design can provide a web presence that harmonises with your existing brand.

Alternatively, I can design everything you may require.


The importance of having good quality images for your web site is paramount, many good designs are spoilt by poor quality images.

Google Analytics

Installing Google Analytics on your web pages can provide you with information on the numbers of people visiting your pages, the length of time spent on each page and where they enter and leave the site along with a host of other data.

This can provide useful feedback when making changes to your site and monitoring the effects on visitor numbers and sales.

Google Analytics uses cookies but does not collect personal data from anyone visiting your web site.

Content management

Content Management

Wordpress is the most commonly used Content Management System (CMS) used to date. However, there are many others including many Cloud based CMS.

Wordpress and other CMS require minimal computer skills to enable you to update the text and images on your web site and I am happy to provide training to ensure you have the confidence to use the system.

If you don't want the hassle of updating your own web site, I can manage it for you for a small annual fee.


The technology behind the internet is changing constantly and with each new step springs a raft of new web designs and templates showcasing the use of the latest developments.

Using the latest CSS trick or plug-in to make your site look "cool" will ultimately make it look dated. Only utilise what will provide the best user experience for your customers.

I like to spend some "face to face" time with my clients to find out about their preferences and individual requirements in order to build a web site specifically to suit them.